All parents and community members are encouraged to participate in our School Site Council. The School Site Council is a shared decision-making process and creates an atmosphere where decision-making is collegial and fosters an exchange of ideas and information necessary for effective professional practice for an improved educational process. It provides opportunities for each school community to make critical decisions, positively impacting student performance. This Shared Decision-Making process shall not supersede Board or Superintendent decision-making authority unless delegated by the Board.
School Site Council Members
Elenor Alfaro, Classified Staff   (520.908.3600)  <Email Eleanor HERE>
Megan Chavez, Certified Staff/Principal
Yvonne Torres, Certified Staff/Assistant Principal
Julia Wilson, Certified Staff
Jamie Watts, Certified Staff
Shirley Alatorre, Parent
Notice of School Council Meeting (.PDF)
School Site Council Minutes (.PDF)
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Site Council Meeting
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