DUAL language

Grijalva Dual Language Curriculum
The ELD program supports the acquisition of the English language by non-native speakers of English.  Our Dual-language Enrichment Programs educate both English learners and native English speakers.  All student groups in dual-language classes benefit from meaningful, challenging, and accelerated instruction.
Dual Language Immersion Model
Grijalva uses a Spanish-English dual language immersion model.

The goals of this program are:
  1. Academic Achievement
  2. Bilingualism and biliteracy
  3. Positive cross-cultural attitudes
Kinder and First Grade: 90% Spanish / 10% English
Second Grade: 80% Spanish / 20% English
Third Grade: 70% Spanish / 30% English
Fourth Grade: 60% Spanish / 40% English
Fifth Grade: 50% Spanish / 50% English
Kindergarten:  Adrianna Gutierrez

First Grade: Manuela Nubes

Second Grade: Ana Samaniego

Third Grade:  Arlene Alvarez

Fourth Grade: Alejandra Becerra

Fifth Grade: Ginnet Quintero
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