The Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program
GATE provides services designed to meet the special academic needs of gifted students and those who have potential for high achievement. Lessons integrate critical/creative thinking and problem solving abilities. Emphasis is placed on self-direction, flexibility, and cooperation in social and academic settings.
G.A.T.E. at Grijalva
Grijalva’s GATE program consists of an about 60-minute once a week GATE pull-out class on Thursdays for GATE qualifying students with our teacher Mr. Joshua Chuc.  This enrichment class focuses on critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving through high engagement, hands-on interdisciplinary units in small group settings.
Program Focuses
- Interdisciplinary
- Project-based and problem-based learning
- Higher level questioning
- Student-centered
- Social-emotional support
- Critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem solving
- Inquiry-based, hands-on learning
- Interactive student notebooks
- Develop thinking strategies
- Culturally relevant curriculum
Eligibility and Placement
Tucson Unified students are tested to determine student eligibility to receive gifted services in the TUSD GATE program.  The testing usually happens in the months of September and December and students who qualify will get placement for the following school year.  TUSD has many opportunities for students to participate in District gifted programs through open access and qualified gifted assessments.
District Link
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